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Queen of Hell - release April 7, 2023

Goddess worship was condemned in the Bible and went underground for centuries. It is now back with a vengeance! The divine feminine is mass marketed on the internet, in every song, movie, classroom, politics, and in people's hearts and minds. The world is uplifting the feminine while demonizing the masculine, and the Luciferians planned it that way. The final installment of the Mystery Babylon Series takes an intense dive to unmask the mystery religion that venerates this goddess, the signs, symbols, cults, secret rites, dark origins, and the true identity of this ancient idol.

Lucifer Unveiled

Once the most powerful of the heavenly hosts, Lucifer is now the sworn enemy of the MOST HIGH GOD and everything HE created. The moment Lucifer witnessed Adam and Eve in Paradise, he plotted their demise. From the Garden of Eden until the present age, Lucifer and his seed have infected humanity through mass deception, corruption, and doctrines of devils. The goal is to exalt his throne and turn people's hearts away from the worship of the FATHER to himself. The second volume of the Mystery Babylon Series, LUCIFER UNVEILED, will expose the inner workings of this well-hidden Kingdom of Darkness.

Thy Queendom Come

Thy Queendom Come exposes the inner teachings of Mystery Babylon,

Mystery religions

Mystery schools

Secret Societies

Occult Practices

New Age Movements


and ultimate agenda.


Thy Queendom Come, through historical records and first-hand accounts from the highest sources, will expose to the reader how this subtle enemy through “his seed” has been able to operate without detection. These truths will bring about the Godly confidence to defend the faith in Christ.

Shekhinah Glory Exposed! Companion to Thy Queendom Come

Behind the veil of the “divine feminine,” hides one of the MYSTERIES of Mystery Babylon - a name that is known to many as the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, the presence and the glory. This new term for Christendom, which crept into worship services, music, and even the names of several “church buildings,” is the Shekhinah.

With no Biblical references to justify the use of this name, like Eve in the garden, unsuspecting believers blindly began using the term, Shekhinah Glory, and in a sense, treasured this name. Shekhinah Glory, as used in mainstream Christianity, only became popular less than 15-20 years ago. But factually, it is thousands of years old.

As in any mystery, there are many layers to Shekhinah, ranging from the plausible and sensible, fanciful and whimsical to the absurd, obscene, idolatrous and UNFORGIVABLE. There is one sin in the Bible that is unforgivable, and that is, the BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT. Our Messiah himself, Jesus Christ, uttered these words in Matthew 12:31-32.

This short exposition is in compliment to Thy Queendom Come. The Shekhinah was a principal reason for the title of the book. Urgently, this companion book has been released. The church must be aware, of what and who it is they are calling on when they utter the phrase Shekhinah Glory and the origins from which it derives.