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United Nations of Lucifer

The United Nations represents hope, peace, and world democracy on the political and socio-economic front. The U.N. (and it's many branches) is on the forefront fighting global pandemics, navigating world conflict, intervening in humanitarian crises, and serving as a "righteous judge" to prevent major violent catastrophes.

Little does the general public realize, first and foremost, the United Nations, is a world religion. A headquarters of spirituality, a bastion of divinity, steeped in deep spiritual beliefs.

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

The problem? The head of this LUCIFER!

The United Nations of Lucifer will expose the reader to the deep occult roots of the United Nations and it's deceptive New Age beliefs that are preparing for the reign of Anti-Christ on earth.


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What people are saying...

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"I'm going to use the book as part of my homeschool Life Skills curriculum for my son this year."

— Natasha, Detroit, Michigan

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"Thy Queendom Has Come" is raw, riveting, and so real. Even for those who say religion is dead and God isn't real, has to connect the dots in the case that is so vividly presented. We have ALL been duped, deceived, and declared dumb. If you don't have an Ear to hear and an Eye to see that is not emotional, then get one. Too many coincidences to ignore."

— L. Weathersby, PhD

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I was debating on actually going because honestly I was scared! I was scared of the truth even though I was living it! Multiple things were happening to me for me not to go but I had to be obedient.

This class let me know that what I have been doing (being obedient) is leading me to the right lifestyle. This book Thy Queendom Come by Vanessa Lynn is not a book for the weak minded. In this class we only made it to chapter 15. I'm ready for the next!!! If you are not ready to be woke this is not for you. If your not ready to have a self examination, this is not for you! Vanessa comes with facts, the Living Word and solid research. You think you know your enemy? This stuff been right and front of us.... This class will expose what's already seen. The manipulation of our enemy is terrifying. All I can say is I'm preparing myself for this next class with the armor of my God...Showcase your happy customers by adding their testimonials and reviews

— K. Williams

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"You did a great job, of putting all of this information into ONE book, which is helpful to many who have not taken the time to search day and night, night and day going over much research for years."

"Your work has saved many people a lot of time, and a lot of years, and a lot of sleepless night, searching for information pouring over it, and you have gathered so much in a book to make it easier for them. Hopefully, your book will encourage them to go further researching on their own, with a new found love and desire to know more."

— D. Tate, Tennesse

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“I had the opportunity and privilege to attend V-Lynn’s online private classes. In one word...Wow! She has described her mission as being a “Truth Seeker” and that was evident. Her teaching style and passion to uncover the mysteries of the occult is unprecedented! Her due diligence to seek the truth hidden in plain sight has been eye opening! I bought two of her books and will continue buying more because we must be equipped to give an answer for why we believe! (1 Peter 3:15“) Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!” (John 8:32)

— M. Hamilton

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